Java on my mind!!!

Java on my mind!!

As the FREE Online Java Boot Camp from Agile Testing Alliance garners lot of interest from testing enthusiasts, the question to debate is why only Java? Why Testing Heads are recommending their manual testing professionals to learn Java? Would they like their testing team to start developing Java applications? The answer is simple – Selenium being the most popular open source automation tool in the industry and Java being most preferred programming language for scripting its a no brainer that Java + Selenium is one of the popular combinations used by Automation professionals!!!

When we do CP-SAT (Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing) Training we often get lot of manual testing professionals who get overwhelmed by seeing Eclipse, Java code and frameworks. So the idea to have free Java Boot Camp came from there so that Selenium learning becomes easier

So what we teach in FREE Java Boot Camp which is conducted online in weekends?

We divide into 2 modules – Basic and Advanced

Basic involves Datatypes and Strings, Loops in Java (if, if else and nested if else, for loop, while, do while loops), One and two dimensional array, Methods In Java, Return Type Of Method, Access Modifiers In Java, Static, Non Static Methods, Variables and Variable Types In Java

Advanced involves Objects In Java, Constructor In Java, Inheritance in Java, Interface In Java, ArrayList In Java, Hashtable In Java, Read-Write Text File, Exception handling in Java, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstract Class, Difference between Abstract Class and Interface, Method Overloading, Final and Super Keywords in Java

The entire online sessions which are conducted on weekends are hands-on i.e. participants write the code in their own Eclipse IDE. Whats more, all session are recorded and participants get lifetime access for the recordings so that they can practice anytime they want!!!

This is enough for a manual tester to get acquainted with Java and proceed with Selenium scripting – be it a simple Selenium WebDriver object creation, or a Page Object Model or a Data Driven Framework.

Is this really FREE or there are any hidden charges? – There are no hidden charges and 1000 INR is charged which is refunded as soon as you attend the training program. This is to ensure serious participation. So its absolutely free with only one condition – you must attend the training program. Period.

What are you waiting for? Enrol into this FREE Java Boot Camp now and get trained from the comfort of your home and start your Automation journey!!!

PS: FREE Online Java Boot Camp will be conducted with Java Basic on 23-Sep and 24-Sep and Java Advanced on 7-Oct and 8-Oct

Why we loved Selenium IDE

Yeah, “loved”, you guessed it right!! Selenium IDE is going to be discontinued from Firefox 55 onwards. Well we wont go to the reasons behind that. You can read that here.  As we gear up for our next upcoming batch for CP-SAT Training we take back and look into some interesting things about this cool plugin.

As a CP-SAT Certified Trainer and as part of CP-SAT Curriculum we  always start our training with Selenium IDE. The reasons are many but boils down to these –

  • Manual Testers found it motivating to see they can automate their test and generate script using a simple record and playback facility. This boosts their confidence and gets them to the groove.
  • QTP enthusiasts could relate to it easily !!

Half the battle is won and your participants are now raring to go ahead. Selenium IDE gives lot of confidence and enthusiasm to the manual testers who are exploring to start their career in Automation. Since its vast and thsi post isn’t going to be a tutorial on Selenium IDE, we will look into some interesting things about this awesome tool –

Readymade Locators:

When you start recording the script you will see that it gives you all type of locators as much it can in the form of Selenese commands. Be it id, xpath, css or link. This way it makes it easier to copy paste the locators to further another editor like Eclipse.

Another plugin which similarly gives all locators of an element is Qbot.

As you progress in the training and start exploring simple Java commands to achieve your task you will see a slight dip in the learning curve of students. You will see participants struggling with Java syntax and more. Thats where the Clipboard format comes into your rescue!!

Clipboard Format

The Clipboard Format helps in converting your Selenese commands to a programming language syntax like C#, Java, Python or Ruby!! Thats it. Participants are now happy that they can atleast not worry about the syntax. Please note that not all Selenese commands will get converted into your programming language syntax. For e.g. mouseover command doesnt get converted into Actions Class in Java.



Similarly with Clipboard Format as you go further the Format option gives you the code with entire Junit/TestNG annotations. You don’t need to bother whether you have included the all the pre, test and post annotations. I have seen many participants who practice the code/exercises during the CP-SAT training or after the training use Selenium IDE for recording their scripts so that they hit less keystrokes. Infact i use it always a starting point whenever i want to do Automation pilot for our consulting projects, unless ofcourse the application is not supported by Firefox.

Regular Expressions

Often in the 1st day of the CP-SAT training itself you will find QTP enthusiasts asking this question – Does Selenium supports Regular Expressions? Ofcourse it does. Just use regexp with the text in the command window and it will give you the output. For e.g. regexp:Web[Dd]river command will work exactly same as for “D”phere and “d”river. That means it will return the values having text WebDriver as well as Webdriver.

Running tests on Chrome

Another question often asked is can we run the script on Chrome since its only a Firefox plugin and Chrome being a popular browser. Often participants may feel this question little silly but actually it does!

Just go to

  • Options–>Options–>WebDriver tab.
  • Check the option to ‘Enable WebDriver Playback’ from opened tab
  • Provide ‘chrome’ value in text box and click OK button.

As you can see from the image not only chrome it also supports other browsers too.

JavaScript Support

With Javascript support i can store values and put an if condition to verify

For e.g.

var A=Number(“${20}”.substr(3).replace(/,/g,”)); var B=Number(“${30}”.substr(3).replace(/,/g,”)); var C=Number(“${40}”.substr(3).replace(/,/g,”)); var D=false; if (A>=B && B>=C) D=true; D

I can put the entire above command in the command window and execute and it will give the result  in the log. Often i can use the above script to verify the price sorting in e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Crossword etc.

Nevertheless these are some features and there is ofcourse a lot more which we cover in Selenium IDE.

But stopping Selenium IDE from Firefox 55 version wont stop us in using Selenium IDE, isnt it? We still can install older versions of Firefox from and run Selenium IDE from there. But yes we will never see any new development on this for some time.

So for now Adieu Selenium IDE!!!


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